Article Submission

Keep your article submissions clear and concise. Make sure the title reflects the subject of your content. Provide a description and a set of keywords so that readers can more easily find your article when they search for it. Please use your forum name, so users can find your profile. If you do not have a forum name, please get one before submitting an article. You can place information and site links in your profile. DevSpin staff reviews all submissions, and may make minor modifications to the title, description, and/or content in order to make the article more concise and readable. You will maintain the copyright to the original work, and DevSpin will be allowed an indefinite, royalty-free license to display your article.

The following tags are allowed:
  • Hitting return will start a new paragraph, no tag required.
  • [code][/code] - Place your code inside the tags.
  • [h][/h] - Place chapter headers inside the tags.
  • [url=<Insert URL here>]<Enter Text here>[/url] - To create anchor links


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