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The building blocks of enterprise applications.  These languages include Java, PHP, JSP, and JavaScript. Here you will find tutorials, source code, tips, discussion forums, and articles about a wide array of topics related to programming languages.

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Recent Programming Languages Articles

How to force JSP to use the front controller

Often when using a MVC pattern with a front controller, all requests should use the MVC flow. What happens when a request for index.jsp comes in?

How to prevent JSP from using a session

Sessions consume resources and are created for every JSP. Sometimes it's necessary to suppress these creations.

How to Put a JavaScript Into an HTML Page

Tutorial on how to place JavaScript into an HTML web page.

Convert HSB to RGB in Java

Converting hue, saturation, and brightness to an RGB color is easy and simple.

Convert RGB to HSB in Java

Converting from RGB to hue, saturation, and brightness is easy and simple.

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