quote Sometimes is takes more than caffeine to get the code completed on time. Sometimes you actually need to know what you are doing.

What is DevSpin.Com and why do I care? DevSpin.Com was created to provide a consolidated site for everything related to doing server-side development the right way or at least our way. We've assembled a team of computer scientists and developers who have the experience and knowledge to share key insights on tools, IDEs, code, examples, skills and more.

We'll offer you our spin on what we think works for server-side development along with a few opinions and possibly a few pontificated digressions here and there. Feel free to leave your comments, speak your mind in the forums, or submit an article of your own if you think you have what it takes. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an authoritative source of pragmatic methods and examples for coding enterprise server applications.

Latest Articles

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Often when using a MVC pattern with a front controller, all requests should use the MVC flow. What happens when a request for index.jsp comes in?

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Converting hue, saturation, and brightness to an RGB color is easy and simple.

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Converting from RGB to hue, saturation, and brightness is easy and simple.


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